Underway 2012-2013 > Widow's Walk

Standing on my widow's walk
Staring out to sea
Wondering if you'll be home again
Come home again to me

I struggle and I try
To remember your face
But where that image once was burned
Is now an empty space

Keeping on
I'm diligent
Looking out
For you

So much so that I don't sleep
Or breath or eat or do
All these things that I know I must
But I still watch out for you

Is my memory
In your mind
Or has that light burnt out?

Will you think of me,
Look in between
The vast waves of the sea?

Is my vigil justified
Or is it all in vain?
Has that fire you once felt inside
Slowly burnt away

I'll stay here on my widow's walk,
A perilous ledge indeed,
I'll be here when you come home
And from my cage be freed

by Cheri Bermudez