Sculptures > Dioramas of Disaster, 2017-2019

In Dioramas of Disaster, I repurpose and assemble dollhouses, toys, and create miniature objects to construct dioramas, which communicate narratives about natural disaster, domestic violence, emotional trauma, and the fragility of relationships. Though these sculptures occupy significantly smaller footprints than my previous, life-sized installations, this work combines my experience working with found objects and abandoned homes with the symbolic significance of child's play and early experiences as a foundation for future relationships.

Solo Exhibitions of Dioramas of Disaster


Dioramas of Disaster, Jan Brandt Gallery, Bloomington, Illinois


Dioramas of Disaster, E3 Convergence Gallery, Missoula, Montana
Dioramas of Disaster, Saranac Art Projects, Spokane, Washington
Home Studies, Terrain Gallery, Spokane, Washington


Dioramas of Disaster, AIR Studio Paducah, Paducah, Kentucky