Installations > Echoes of Home, 2014-2016

Echoes of Home


8 ft x 15 ft x 10 ft

In Echoes of Home, I created a domestic interior that allows viewers to engage with memories of homes that were once were inhabited, spaces that I have explored. I used light boxes as windows, portals that linked the viewer to distant landscape. Each light box held a moment, immortalized by the camera.

On the shelf, I laid out objects that I found in abandoned homes. Pairing photographs of these deserted and abandoned environments with found personal items provided a physical connection to the spaces in the glowing images. The items collected are objects one might find in a child’s bedroom, such as a worn, dust caked teddy bear and a partially melted action figure. These objects were well used, but have been forgotten.

Exhibitions of Echoes of Home


Spokane WAM Expo, Richmond Gallery, Spokane, Washington


Guess You Had To Be There, Peoria Gateway Building, Peoria, Illinois


RISD MFA Thesis Exhibition, Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, Rhode Island