Photographs > At A Loss, 2013-2017

33° 22' 24.90"N 116° 0' 24.31"W
33° 22' 24.90"N 116° 0' 24.31"W

33° 22' 24.90"N 116° 0' 24.31"W

bag-fertilizer, two-thirds full
body of chair-wicker, broken, faded
book-“Arthur’s Funny Money”
bottle-glass, Bud Light
bowl-plastic, cracked
bucket-white, “Wind Fresh”
bucket-white, no label
can-aerosol, no label
can-aerosol, WD40
can-no label
can-rusted, no label
cardboard box-melted, stained
chair-metal, white, rusted
cords-various colors, tangled into a heap
cup-styrofoam, cracked
four blankets-pile, various colors
glass-broken, big shards
jeans-covered in bird scat
litter box-plastic, black
padding-rolled up
plastic-fragments, scattered about
prints in dry mud-dogs, bikes, boots, sneakers
sandal-flip flop
seat-from chair
smells like bird excrement
strings of bamboo pieces
stuffed animal-Care Bear
television-white, broken
there is too much debris in the garage to enter, I am stuck on the outside looking in
thirteen bottles-black, glass, with “x” painted on them
towel-white, dirty
two tires
work bench-wood, covered in scat