Photographs > At A Loss, 2013-2017

 33° 20' 56.3208"N 115° 43' 39.63"W
33° 20' 56.3208"N 115° 43' 39.63"W

33° 20' 56.3208"N 115° 43' 39.63"W

4 cans-rusted (cranberry sauce, cooked tomatoes, Progresso soup, Cambell’s chunky
chicken noodle, no label)
aerosol can-rusted
aerosol can-rusty, “rust-o-leum” fluorescent
aluminum foil-roll
beer bottle-green, “dos equis”
blanket-gray with geometric pattern, green, maroon, blue
blanket-greenish blue
blanket-white with blue bamboo design
blanket-wool, white with red and blue squares
blanket-wool, white, red plaid
cement block
cinder block
door knob
3 drawers-seafoam
dress shirt-long sleeve, yellow stripes
film container-plastic
fitted bed sheet-white
garbage bag-black, empty
garbage bag-black, filled with clothes, blue sweatpants, fleece blanket (Winnie the pooh), purple shirt, blue striped shirt)
grocery bag-plastic, brown
picture frame
plastic hanger
prefabricated tiles-square, light green
PVC pipes-white
ribbon-strip, red, green
scarf-light blue
table cloth-striped maroon
top bed sheet-white
towel-wine red
window screen
wood paneling-sea foam