Exhibitions > Perceptions of Space, 2011-2012

September 2011-January 2012

“Many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased.” –John Steinbeck

This show features archival inkjet prints, acrylic paintings, and silver gelatin prints made by students and recent alumni of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

These artists were selected because their work seeks to describe their experiences of the spaces they inhabit. These depictions of experiences vary with medium, handling, and artistic interest, but all share the fascination with place and the need to share that with others.

Jackie Selbitschka is a double major in Art and Marine Biology. Jackie’s photographs document public spaces from around the United States. She shares the communal spaces she encountered during her travels. She is interested in how people interact in public spaces, and what public spaces look like in the places she visits. Her honest depiction of communities lets the viewer enter the work and have a personal experience.

Julie Gautier-Downes is a graduate of the University of California Art Department with an emphasis in photography. Julie uses reflections in shop windows to combine constructed interior spaces with exterior environments. This blending of contained and uncontained spaces allows her to share her unique perspective with the viewer. She is interested in how people organize their environment and alternative photographic ways of presenting this to the viewer.

Kristen Gautier-Downes is an Art major with an emphasis in painting. Kristen paints seascapes that share the tumultuous energy of the ocean with the viewer. She records her impressions, on site, of the sea’s movement and luminousness in acrylic paint. She is fascinated by the vast and ever-changing nature of the sea.

Sam Branan is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz in Art and History of Art and Visual Culture. Sam uses layered photographs to create ephemeral, unsettling scenes. Her color palette adds a veil of eeriness to her work. This work was inspired by her memories. These painterly photographs haunt the viewer with echoes of the artist’s untold narrative.